Khguiiusd uierwy8weutdiudfisauwe8q89 hfdfs, shorted to "Kug", is a "Super Missingno." in the game Rocco Rules.

How to catch Edit

He can be seen playing the "Glitchy Level". See Glitchy Level For details.

What is Kug? Edit

It is a Super Missingno from Rocco Rules.

Emerald-Mudkip.png - It looks Like Mudkip! But its a glitch shaped like a Mudkip!

What Kug can do Edit

Kug has his Good sides...and bad sides

Good sides

He levels you up to 150, and Multiplies 6 item to 128 (heh heh...Missingno!!!)

Bad sides

Freezes game, and All pokemon Q.

Kug's Cousins Edit

Transilition of Kug Edit

Kug's whole name is The Super Glitch of the 8,889th level of rocco rules!

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