• In versions of Doom prior to v1.2, armor percentage was not limited to 200%. Since the ARMOR count in the status bar has only three digits, the display can wrap around to 0% if enough armor bonuses are picked up.

In theory, if the player continues to pick up armor bonuses, his actual armor percentage will eventually exceed MAXINT (7FFFFFFF hex == 2,147,483,646 in vanilla Doom) and wrap around to a negative value. According to the algorithm which transfers damage from health to armor, this would cause the next successful attack to kill the player.

  • In light of the many other overflow conditions possible in the Doom engine, however, a level containing so many Things is almost certainly infeasible (even assuming a computer with sufficient memory and disk space).

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  • The great moderator at Doom Wiki for letting me use this info. Thanks! :)

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