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Cartridge tilting is an action performed on cartridge-based systems to create otherwise impossible glitches.


In the middle of the game, slowly and surely wiggle the cartridge and move it from side to side. Eventually, the cartridge will enter a state where its not fully connected to the console but not completely disconnected. Thus, enough information from the cartridge is blocked to glitch up the game, but not enough to make it freeze.


  • Doing this can cause some games to erase their save data.
  • Doing this can ruin your cartridge.
  • Doing this can freeze your game.

Noticeable MentionsEdit

  • The popular internet meme Get-down shows the effects of Cartridge tilting during a game of GoldenEye 007.
  • If this is done to Donkey Kong 64, it will erase your saved data.
  • Doing this with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time allows access to some debug menus, one of which says "I LOVE YOU", as demonstrated in this video.
  • If it's done to LEGO Racers, the High Voltage Software logo cutscene, the main menu, and all of the levels may break, and also remove your save data like if it's done to Donkey Kong 64.
  • Doing this with Legend of zelda: majora's mask will freeze your game in 1 or 3 secs, and may allows to some cutscenes snapshot freezes that happen to the other game vigilante 8 2nd offense, in this game in Legend of zelda: majora's mask by tilting this game will freeze your game in 1 or 3 secs, that may buzzing or cutscenes snapshot and allows access to some debug menus, one of which says congratulations! all pages are displayed. THANK YOU! you are great debugger" as demonstrated in this video from youtube, from the other about it vigilante 8 2nd offense does this during normal operation, actually.
  • If it is done to Perfect Dark it will permanantly freeze your game..
  • Doing this to vigilante 8 2nd offense will freeze your game or before or right after being tilted and game may freezes when changeing scenes or music changes right from the change to finish it will freeze your game just like the samething buzzing or snapshot just like if it's done the legend of zelda majora mask.
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