There are 2 glitches in the game CTTR. Here is how you do it. (The 2 are seperate to learn. So be prepared!)

Stiff CrashEdit


Like in Twinsanity, your feet won't move, but will look like as if Crash is paragliding.

How to Do itEdit

You know that camera cheat, right? (Remember it is in this order when L1 and R1 is held and press X, Triangle three times) Well, it causes this glitch, in order for it to work, double jump and just when you see Crash rolling, press SELECT to enable the mode, exit out of it and you will see Crash rolling for a second and he will be stiff. Note: This also works with the other camera mode(Reverted Fish Eye Mode).

Froze GameEdit


Causes the game to freeze.

How to Do itEdit

Trying to do that Stiff Crash glitch below the elevator to start the game? Well, TOO BAD! It causes the game to crash. Like numerous Crash games, they have glitches that make the game freeze. To do it, simply try the glitch and press SELECT and the game well freeze, here is the following things during the glitch:

  • Music keeps on repeating
  • The screen will wiggle one bit
  • Sometimes you will hear screams from vistors repeating too

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